Man allegedly killed his girlfriend’s son because he assumed child was gay

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A woman in Palmdale, California, believed that a relationship was more important than the well-being of her 8-year-old son. According to KTLA, Gabriel Fernandez endured severe abuse by his mother’s boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre.

Aguirre assumed the young boy was gay and would often dress the boy in girl’s clothing and send him to school. He also abused him with help from the boy’s mother, Pearl Hernandez. Prosecutors say Aguirre and Pearl beat, bit, whipped the child with a belt, shot him with a B.B. gun, fed him cat litter, burned him with cigarettes, starved him and tied him to a chair.

Aguirre and Pearl only called paramedics after Gabriel fell unconscious. The couple began to plot ways to conceal the abuse. Phone records revealed that Aguirre and Pearl sent texts to each other with plans of deceiving police. However, Gabriel died two days after he was admitted to the hospital and doctors discovered that the boy endured severe abuse. Police believe that Aguirre and Pearl were to blame.

The incident sheds light on why it’s important for parents to protect their children when they get involved in new relationships. Your significant other should never abuse your child physically or mentally. Pearl allowed Aguirre to mistreat and torture her son only because she wanted love from a man. She decided that being in a relationship superseded protecting and raising a healthy kid. Pearl should have ended the relationship the first moment she witnessed Aguirre abusing the boy. However, Pearl allowed Aguirre to beat her son and she often joined him.

Aguirre’s trial will likely last eight weeks and Pearl will go to trial afterward. Four social workers in L.A. County will also face charges in connection with Gabrielle’s death.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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  1. cps seem routhless they will call familiy memebers on crack and ask them to keep a kid , they dont check out the father or grandparant to see if they are suitable they should know better , if the mother is screwed up more then likely them whole familie is , all of them witness the abuse and never said a word, poor kid never stood a chance at all , the system true failed this baby , i hope they all lose jobs and never get another one . you cant tell me they didnt , know

  2. U know what, this mother was insane to let her boyfriend abuse her child. What the hell is going on with these women allowing their boyfriend to abuse their children. Where’s the love for the 👶. If I had a boyfriend and he tried to abuse my child, that’s when u the mother take matters into your own hands. He would never ever b able to abuse any child again. Listen u mothers of low self esteem get help. There’s no love for a man when abusing ur child and to top it off u join in too, what kind of ❤️ is this. Both of them are sick fucks who need a serious punishment like the electric chair. 💔💔💔👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👺👺👺👺

    1. There is a woman that kill two of her three boys…She face time there father ,call her best friend to tell her what she had done….Now her mother is on T.V. my daughter had mental issue…..I am so ‘Sick and tired of these people saying after the fact they had mental issue…I am sure they do have mental issue, but why “NOT try to get them ‘Help before they hurt, or kill there kids .. Also last week a man killed his two week old little girl…Two weeks before that, the mother went to do laundry, Come back to the apartment the father killed his baby….These are biological parents All in the state of Georgia….They all need the death penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. I pray that someone in the jail bears them to death!!! What type of mother allows that and then joins in on the abuse. I want to know what the school did when he came to school in girls clothes and bruises. I think judge should allow them to be treated the way that baby was being treated. It makes my heart ache to know this little boy was suffering inside the walls of his home. Now he’s in the arms of our heavenly father. It’s so sad he died so young he probably never got to experience happiness.

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