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Oprah reveals what the world needs

Oprah Winfrey/Facebook

Oprah Winfrey may not be campaigning for president, but she sure could have fooled us.

The media mogul has been vocal in recent weeks regarding a variety of topics including the Las Vegas massacre, how to live stress free and now, world peace. Because, why not?

This week, Winfrey sat down with “ET” at her Montecito, California, estate for her “SuperSoul Sunday” series, where she celebrated her new book, The Wisdom of Sundays. In true Winfrey fashion, the 63-year-old dropped a few gems as well.

“I am always trying to offer whatever I find fantastic … these are gems for the world to live by,” said Winfrey of her book comprised of personal essays.

Of course, as fans may already know, the OWN series was a popular podcast long before it went to print. “A lot of people don’t have time to listen to an hour or watch an hour,” Winfrey explained, “but you can take little snackable bites of inspiration from the book, so I created the book because these are all the messages that really resonated with me. I lead a very profoundly deep, integrated, spiritual life, so my spiritual work is not disconnected from the rest of my work, so these words have really helped me so much.”

Some of her favorite words? Those of the late, great Maya Angelou. “How are we are more alike than we are different?” She continued, “To be able to find the thread that connects us all, that’s part of what these messages do.”

As for what message she had for us now, Oprah shared, “Let’s just stop fighting, OK?”

“The soul of the country needs the book. … When we are all so separated in our differences,” she said In fact, that tidbit is what inspired Winfrey’s first piece on “60 Minutes,” emphasizing the nation’s divisions. “You can only hear your side — the soul of the country needs messages like this.”

“I’m not trying to toot my own horn,” Winfrey elaborated, noting her since axed “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “but that was a great platform every day because every day I had people from all over the country, red states, blue states, I don’t know where they came from, everybody from every background possible.”

Of her goal, she revealed, “How much light can you bring into the world? This is just a piece of light.”


  1. Ernestine Morrison on October 18, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Yeah if most people in the world had the basics of shelter, food, adequate health care/reasonable rates to but medicine, clothing and a basic technology maybe then they’d have the desire to sit down and read a book by someone who really has none of these basic needs. Oprah has no idea of what the world needs. She knows what she wants to give people less fortunate than all those on her SoulSundays. Ask impoverished people what thay need and no one is going to say a book.

  2. britishrose on October 18, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    an if oprah want to send so much peace why she stab monique in the back to appease her gay buddy lee daniels ? if she want so much peace why is her moma not celebrated on mothers day? and why is gal made to stay quiet about what she knows? why did she kick her daddy ex wife out of the home she purchased? why did her sister out her with the truth and she swear it was a secret well she forgot to tell the sister it was a secret so the sister ratted , she forgot to put the sister in a nice house like she did the new found sister , she discovered 5 years ago? the one who dont look nothing like her , but does look like a need chick who has issues and dont have no man , and claim to be the biological sister i dont buy it at all ., oprah had to know of this girl way before she found her , oprah has hated her moma due to this girl yet didnt try to find patrica as soon as she hear patricia found her she aired in in a whole show ,,,so her moma and her wouldnt been disgraced ,cause they both knew about the woman years ago .. and said nothing cause she didnt think the lady would find her ,, she called gail her sister soooo now is gail lil sister ? or did she butter up patricia with a house and car so patricai want tell how and why she was given up ? she blame her moma for not raising her , but instead giving her to vernon winfrey who IS NOT THE DADDY , for years she was lead to belieave this lie so this is why she doing all this soul searching but not forgiving her moma ,, she treated mya angeliou like a moma for years . and shun her own moma . .she put her in a nice home but that was a go away present ….
    she hate her moma , and her moma makes no appology for putting her up for adoption in an ice stable home while she traveled ,, some folks keep kids and treat them bad oprah moma gave her up to not mistreat her , she gave up pat too . she wanted freedom form kids cause in the 60 and 70s raising kids was extremely hard ,, reason vernon sent her to her grandma house . oprah is so screwed in the head , she always talking about spoirti this and that she dont even believe in god?
    she has friend who practice some weird god religioun and she does too . that is why michell obama dont want to hang out with her much .. oprah will never be seen in a church . .why? she dont belive in the therorie of going to church and worshiping .. . she thinks some invisible spirit handed her her riches . she thinks just like trump … unspiritual connection with god … listen to her super soul sunday ,, she listen to a bunch of whites who swear they know god and they are the ones racist when she turn her back its sad . that she want the public to see her as a saint and she is not , i use to look up to her until i notice how she did her moma, and i will let god do the judging i just dont turn a blind eye to wrong

  3. britishrose on October 18, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    now when she found patricia her lost sister and bought her to the show to bring her out? why didnt she invite her moma? why dont people have a issue with oprah behavior? money dont make her not held to the truth , she needs to confess what shes done ask her moma for forgiveness and then she can be believed this is really why people see her and say uhhhgh umm ? you need to go deal with your aging moma oprah and not in your way , in gods way . .. smh ,and stedman is a leech , he uses her cause she really has no real family , her moma people dont deal with her because they know she could of found patricia years ago .. now she all up iin patricia crack? and why she been outted , and thankful to her patricai was not ruthless

  4. britishrose on October 18, 2017 at 11:18 pm

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