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King Bach aims to be the Tyler Perry of the comedy world

King Bach on the red carpet for Where's the Money premiere (Courtesy of

King Bach on the red carpet for Where’s the Money premiere (Courtesy of

Andrew Bachelor, aka “King Bach,” is planning to take the comedy world by storm. A social media star with over 14 million followers on Instagram, King Bach has parlayed that into success on YouTube, Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” and Showtime’s House of Lies.

Rolling out spoke with King Bach about his film Where’s the Money, which begins a limited theatrical release today and will be available on Digital HD on Oct. 24.

Tell our readers about this very funny and entertaining film.
The movie is about myself, Mike Epps, who’s my dad, Terry Crews, who plays my uncle. They stole a million dollars and they hide it in a frat house. They get sent to jail, and Terry and my dad, they get a little beef, so Terry breaks out of jail to go get the money. So, my dad calls me and tells me to go get the money to my uncle. He shows me the flop house that it’s buried in. I get to the flop. It has been turned into an all-white fraternity and it ends up with me having to pledge the fraternity to get into the house to get the money.

As a country, we are going through a lot of challenges. How can a movie like this, Blacks and Whites working together, help to unite us?
Without spoiling the movie, I think this movie’s great. It shows don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge a person just by their race, just by their background. Everyone is one race and that race is humanity.

Tell us about your production company, Bach Enterprises.
I always wanted to get my Tyler Perry on, write, direct, act, produce. Tyler Perry has his own unique way of doing it, some people love it, some people hate it. I admire it; I look up to it. He’s one of the people that I really look up to. That’s what I want to do. I want to be able to create shows that I’m not just starring in; I want to create shows that I’m not in at all, and shows that I’m just producing.

What can we expect from Bach Enterprises in the near future?
You can expect some unscripted shows. You can expect some scripted shows. You can expect some web series. I actually did one for Kevin Hart on his Laugh Out Loud Network called Dead House. It was one that we produced, wrote, directed, and I wasn’t in. I did a cameo in one episode, but other than that, for the other eight episodes, I wasn’t in it at all.

When did you first start to take note of your social media success?
When I had 3,000 followers, I thought I made it. 3,000 was a lot for me. Then when I got to one million, I was like “Whoa! wait a minute now, the possibilities are endless!”