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Brandi Taylor discusses the Detroit Beauty and Business Expo

Photo Credit: Terrance Talton

Photo credit: Terrance Talton

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and entrepreneur and beauty expert Brandi Taylor wants the women of Detroit to grasp this concept. This is how the Detroit Business and Beauty Expo was birthed. Women from around the metro Detroit area came together at the D Loft to learn about beauty, business, networking and more.

Taylor decided to let rolling out in on all the details of the DBBE.

What is the Detroit Business and Beauty Expo?

The Detroit Business and Beauty Expo is an event that provides exposure, networking and premier education to makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, wardrobe stylists and all professionals interested in getting into the multibillion-dollar beauty industry. We create a conversation about the business side of beauty such as customer service, industry stands, marketing and branding, finances and more.

What inspired you to start the expo?

I didn’t have anyone willing to help me starting out in this industry. Oftentimes, we don’t help other due to fear of competition. I want to help create a community that empowers each other. There is so much talent right here in Detroit. I feel that our beauty community isn’t united. We need to come together. I am very passionate about business and entrepreneurship as well. I feel that the beauty industry is attractive and it looks easy and some people have turned it into a hustle. Many people have the skills but lack business sense.

What is your personal business?

I am the owner of Xquisitelooks, LLC. and I’m the Detroit Business and Beauty Expo founder. I am a makeup artist and educator. I speak and teach makeup workshops and I offer private training. Makeup is my passion and empowering women is my purpose.

What is the purpose of the expo?

The purpose of the expo is to empower the beauty community right here in the metro Detroit area.

Is this a branded business or just an expo?

My goal is to expand DBBE. I am creating a brand. I plan to do this event annually and eventually offer it in other cities..

Who were your panelists and what are their businesses?
Well, my co-host and moderator was AJ Williams, she is the editor of The Michigan Chronicle‘s City.Life.Style and Single Black Chick. Chantele Gray is the owner of Pretty Girl Studios. Rashida Williams is The Glam Doctor. Denitra Townsend is an image Consultant and Visual Narrator. Desiree Mattox is The Glam Scientist and Brittany E. Mobley is the owner of Bmobley Media Relations.

What topics did your panelists discuss?

We talked about success, customer service, rates, industry standards, work, life and keeping a balance.

What other attractions did you have at the expo?

Denitra Townsend hosted a fashion segment, Danielle Smith did a brow tutorial, Brittany E. Mobley presented the branding and PR presentation and we had several vendors.

What did the attendees gain from this expo?

I believe the attendees gained knowledge from our industry experts. They received fashion tips, brow tips, branding and PR education. They left with networking skills and potential business partners and friends.They also were able to do a little shopping so they went home with a few nice items.

For more information on Brandi T and the DBBE, please follow her social media pages at, Instagram: @xquisitelooks @DetroitBusinessBeautyExpo and Twitter @xquisitelooks.