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Detroit’s 1st combined co-working space and co-op preschool

Photo Credit: Detroit Parent Collective

This October, inspired mother Krista McClure launched Detroit Parent Collective (DPC) on the Northwest side of Detroit. “Detroit Parent Collective (DPC) is designed to be inclusive of Detroit’s families with a special emphasis on parents, children and elders by providing a co-working space with programs to support membership-based clients. Detroit Parent Collective will provide parents who need a working space with internet access, on-site drop-in childcare, and additional programming around their needs and interests,” says director Krista McClure.

Rolling out was able to connect with McClure to get more details on the DPC.

What inspired you to start Detroit Parent Collective Co-working?
I was inspired to open the doors to Detroit Parent Collective because I understood three things from three cycles in my own personal life: the at-risk teenage mother, the mother who relied on family and the mother who grew to become a successful figure in Detroit. As a young mother, I understood the importance of surrounding myself [with] influential people, like-minded people, and positive people in order to further grow into becoming the woman I am today. My desire is to bring much-needed resources to support women and men who are parenting children in Detroit.

What is the purpose of Detroit Parent Collective Co-Working? How does it benefit the city of Detroit?
Imagine a home-like co-working space located in the heart of Detroit, which offers an eco-friendly environment to its families and children. The aesthetics make the space warm and inviting. There’s a wisp of air that blows by as you begin to settle into your work. Children are engaged, playing within close proximity, utilizing Montessori materials. Dialogue begins and families are bonding. This is the intent of Detroit Parent Collective. We are aiming to build an inclusive environment, one that will break barriers amongst socioeconomic class, race, etc. This is vital to the future of Detroit.

What does DPC have to offer?
DPC offers onsite childcare to its members of the co-working space. We offer programs on breastfeeding, wellness, nutrition, yoga, early literacy, and more. There’s also a cooperative preschool that is Montessori-inspired and led by a master teacher with a Ph.D. Co-working space hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at $160 per month and cooperative preschool hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 p.m.-4 p.m. at $320 per month.

How can people apply? Get involved?
Prospective members can apply online at or visit our space at 8418 W. McNichols Detroit, MI 48221.

Photo Credit: Detroit Parent Collective