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Craft Syndicate brought the stars out to celebrate the next top film director

Photo credit: A1 Visuals

Industry influencers and multiple media outlets all joined Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters to celebrate the latest success to stem from their mentorship initiative. Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters sets the platform for aspiring creatives and master entrepreneurs in the field of art, music, fashion and film to collaborate on a product, funded by a $15K grant.

In its latest installation, Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters chose Marcellus Hudson as the next big film director. A celebration was held at NeueHouse in Hollywood to view the product that was birthed from mentorship between Hudson and master producer Datari Turner; Lil Durk’s “No Fear” music video.

While Turner sang Hudson praises, he was only one of many who saw the imminent talent Hudson possessed. Celebrity judges Dame Dash, Tami Roman and Vanessa Simmons all selected Hudson after reviewing an outpouring of submissions from contestants all over the country. Talk about a feather in his cap.

Hudson spoke about his experience with Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters. He stated,“The best part of this experience was the networking. Having the opportunity to learn the importance of branding and marketing from an icon like Dame Dash. I was told when I won the program that Datari Turner was an encyclopedia of film and I’m a sponge so it worked out perfectly.”

The event was hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Rocsi Diaz. During the evening, Diaz moderated an incredible panel with Turner and the celebrity judges, as well as two of the biggest names in the video industry, Collin Tilley and Director X, who all shared insight and advice on the film industry.

Dash, in particular, had valuable advice for the industry hopefuls:

“For someone that’s just starting, I think it’s best to make something that’s three minutes. Learn how to edit, learn how to shoot and control your destiny and power. Look who’s rolling right now; people that did it on their own. And after they do it, they have the heart to be fearless about it and they’re alright with being uncomfortable for a quick second, and then everyone runs behind it. Basically, everyone that sticks around had the guts to do it themselves. Never wait around for nobody to give you nothing, especially in this business,” he said.

As if being present for “No Fear” video’s unveiling and receiving priceless advice from some of the industry notables weren’t enough, guest also had the opportunity to make their own mini music videos for social media postings via a photo booth at the event.

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Congrats to Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters on another successful event and for helping yet another dreamer’s dream become reality.

View a few more pictures from the event below: