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YFN Lucci gets candid about his family and music

Photo by Nia Chantal for Steed Media Service

Straight from the heart of Atlanta, YFN Lucci is bringing authenticity back to the rap game. With an easy-going swag along with a unique sound and his charming accent, Lucci is connecting the voices of the streets to millions worldwide with catchy beats and unforgettable hooks.

YFN Lucci began his music grind at the age of 17 after being discovered by rapper Johnny Cinco. The son of Jamaican immigrants, Lucci always understood the benefit of hard work, which began to pay off in 2014 after he signed with Think It’s A Game Entertainment. With his hit singles, “Key to the Streets” and “Everyday We Lit,” Lucci is one of rap music’s hottest and most influential artists, bringing a gritty but lively sound to hip-hop.

After only a short time in the game, YFN Lucci has not only become a face of the new class of hip-hop but also a face for Sean John’s holiday 2017 and spring 2018 Dream Big campaign.

Read on as he discusses the importance of family and what’s next for him musically.

At what point did you realize your music was gaining popularity?

I knew my music was gaining popularity when I was on the John Papi Mixtape [by] Johnny Cinco. The response I got was crazy. I had two features and after that, I just started to take it seriously.

Who is your music meant for?

I make all types of music. If you going through something it’s for you. If you’ve been through a lot, it’s for you. If you’re down and you want to be happy, I have [something] for that. If you just want to go out and enjoy yourself, I have that. If you’re feeling heartless, I got that.

Right now, we’re still jamming out to “Everyday We Lit,” but what can we expect in the future from you?

I’m working on my very first album right now. It’s going to be big and it’s coming soon. Stay tuned. I would give you the name but it’s a surprise.

The viral video of your daughter dancing on stage has been viewed widely. How important is family to you?

It’s very important. I’m very family-oriented. I have three daughters and one [son], and my kids mean everything to me. I love their smiles and the way they act, and they love their daddy. My career helps me take care of them.

As a father and family man, what example do you want to set for others?

I want to set good examples like taking care of your kids, looking out for them, and telling them the right things. I just [want to] tell [people] that they can have their own mind. Do what you want to do, not what everyone else does. Just handle your business.

Lastly, describe your ideal woman.

My ideal woman would just be someone who would do everything I would tell them, with less arguing.