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Detroit boxer Fortune 500 teams up with Under Armour

Photo credit: Moon Reflections Photography

Under Armour and Jabs Gym recently kicked off a new partnership while providing free cardio kickboxing to a packed room of metro Detroiters. Participants were able to enjoy a live DJ, along with free giveaways, including discounts on Under Armour products and Jabs Gym memberships.

Rolling out caught up with mddleweight fighter Willie Fortune, who’s known by his alias Fortune 500 (22-2). He is the founding CEO of Jabs Gym in Birmingham, Michigan, and co-owner of Jabs Gym in the historic Eastern Market.

“I make life champions before ring champions because we have to fight every day in our life,” Fortune says.

Fortune has taken on the calling to prepare fighters for the fight of their lives. He mentally, physically and emotionally trains participants for any battle in the gym. But it’s even more important that he prepares them for battles they may be facing outside of the ring. 

“It is [a] great pleasure to partner with the Under Armour brand. Detroiters embody an underdog spirit, and that comes in both style and fitness,” he says. “Like Under Armour, we both share an aesthetic for special design, including murals by local artists depicting athletes like Muhammad Ali. We are eager to show our clients what the new Detroit has to offer.”

When you started boxing, did you always want to open your own boxing gym?
I’ve always wanted to own a gym. I think every fighter’s dreams is to build a boxing gym that reflects their hard work and dedication in the ring.

The event at Under Armour was a sold-out success. Do you plan to do similar events in the future?
My team and I plan on opening doors and minds up to boxing fitness and style. I believe this partnership is a fun, interactive way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle for metro Detroiters. Most people aren’t motivated to work out, but by partnering with Under Armour, together we can encourage and uplift Detroiters to get fit and to look good while doing it. We are diligently working with Under Armour on building out more classes, and a long-lasting partnership that will kick off [at] the top of next year.

How do you feel about partnering with Under Armour?
I’m very excited to partner with Under Armour, not only do I love the clothing, but Under Armour plays a significant part in boxing as the brand represents some of the top contenders and boxing champions in the world. It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of the Under Armour team.

What’s the plan for opening up more Jabs Gym city locations?
My partners and I are all working on expanding the Jabs Gym brand and making it a household name. Our primary focus is providing quality and keeping the highest quality of trainers, instructors, and educational experiences. We take pride in building not just ring champions, but life champions with the education of health, fitness, style, and boxing.

What can people who follow you and your work expect from you in the upcoming year?
This coming year, we will be implementing new and exciting workout programs, launching new products and much more! Stay tuned!