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Culture » Andrea Polk talks Solo Noir and shares tips for the perfect beard

Andrea Polk talks Solo Noir and shares tips for the perfect beard

Photo courtesy of Andrea Polk

Recently, Facebook exploded with the creation of a group called #BeardGameMatters. It is a group where men with illustrious beards post their best pics and women admire them. The phenomenon garnered a lot of attention and the group was able to amass about one million followers over the span of a week. It immediately became a thirst trap and caused a frenzy on social media. Beards have made a resurgence in recent years. Men on the quest for a perfect beard are paying more attention to grooming and taking care of their skin and facial hair.

We spoke with Andrea Polk of Solo Noir recently and asked her what she thought about the beard phenomenon and some of her best grooming tips for the perfect beard.

What is Solo Noir?

Solo Noir features all-natural 2-in-1 grooming products which address common men issues. Our complete grooming system specializes in Face Care, Beard Care, Shave Care, and Body Care. Our all natural formula addresses skin imperfections, ingrown hairs, and dry skin while restoring skin elasticity and moisture, and promoting smooth and healthy skin. Facial Care Products; DAPPER Face + Beard Wash, REFINED Buff+ Cleanse, SMOOTH Skin Conditioner + Smoother. Beard CareBOLD Preshave + Beard Oil, MUSE Beard Oil. Shave CareSLEEK PreShave + Shave Cream, BRAVE Aftershave + Toner, LUX Double Edge Razor. Body CareBARCODE Moisturizing Body Bar

The most powerful tool in a man’s arsenal is confidence from within. Solo Noir offers that confidence through high-quality skincare. As a Solo Noir Man, you have confidence that your face and beard are getting attention for all the right reasons. We are creating a culture of men who rise to conquer new challenges, so our products are carefully formulated to meet those high standards; we deliver only the highest quality products. Solo Noir uses organic ingredients without alcohol or unnecessary preservatives, ensuring a treatment that is safer and healthier for your skin. Visit to learn more about our 2-in-1 multi-tasker products that will withstand even the toughest scrutiny and impress every time.

Why is this a passion of yours?

As a hard worker, with strong work ethics and honesty, I constantly demonstrate persistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that depict skin perfection. I have dedicated my life to finding the perfect grooming formula that epitomizes perfection in ethnic skin. Prior to formulating the perfect skin care product, I worked at an industrial supply company. Working here, I realized that I was far away from my true mission, my calling. I always had a deep interest in natural health care and realized I wanted to educate people about the great benefits of using natural products. I had always craved for more, never settling for less. I wanted to do something unique. I intuition led to the discovery of the lack of concern in the men’s grooming market, especially pertaining to ethnic skincare; I saw the need in the marketplace and didn’t want to end on a failure. The realization of my passion and true calling birthed the idea of an Ultimate skincare product for men, Solo Noir, leaving it with a catchy slogan, “Definition of a Man.”

What is it about a man’s beard that is attractive to a woman?

With the recent trend of the bearded man, most women now consider a well-groomed beard as a sign of masculinity, confidence and style. Not to say a man that cannot grow a full beard is not masculine, there is just a certain Je ne sais quoi that a man exudes when he wears a well-trimmed, maintained, moisturized beard.

What would be the proper regiment for beard maintenance? 

Exfoliate the skin under the beard with (Refined Buff + Cleanse three times a week), Cleanse the beard and skin daily with (Dapper Face + Beard Wash), and protect, moisturize, and shine with (Bold or Muse Beard Oil)

What would you say most men do wrong when it comes to maintaining their beards?

They fail to treat the facial hair with care. Most men think that beard maintenance is just growing the beard, combing, and putting on an oil to add shine. But in fact, maintaining the beard is much more than that. To eliminate beard dandruff and prevent ingrown hairs he must exfoliate 3 times a week, massaging the skin under the beard to remove dead skin from the area. He must also make sure he is using a facial or beard wash that does not dry the face or beard as it can lead to breakage. He must then make sure he is using a beard oil that is natural and does not have drying ingredients that may cause beard breakage. If he adds this regimen to his weekly beard routine, he is guaranteed to have the beard most men envy.

What is it about your product that separates you from the others?

Solo Noir specializes in meeting the unique needs of skincare for the modern man. Our system is simple, streamlined, and safe. Our focus on delivering 2-in-1 products means that our skin care delivers maximum effect for less work! Solo Noir is organic, alcohol-free, and free of any unnecessary binding ingredients. This means our products are less irritating and better for your skin.

Where can people learn more about Solo Noir?

Solo Noir products can be found via our website,, at Local Mariano grocery chains,, and