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Vincent Herbert appears to be one of the most laid-back, even-tempered individuals when he is in the public eye. But behind closed doors, something changes and he becomes the exact opposite — a wife beater. Or so says his wife, Tamar Braxton, and her mother, Evelyn Braxton.

Now that Tamar has filed for divorce, Evelyn is voicing her thoughts on the marriage. And she strongly suggested that her son-in-law had become violent in the marriage.

Cornered by TMZ and the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, Nov. 3, the beloved matriarch of the singing sisters was asked if she had anything to say to Herbert.

I don’t really have anything to say to Vince … only one thing, keep his hands off of my child. Stop before he hurts her or kills her. I love Vince, but I don’t want him to kill my child. It’s as simple as that.”

As previously reported, Herbert is hoping to reconcile after Tamar Braxton filed for divorce from Herbert this week after nearly nine years of marriage and one child together.

Asked if she would give her daughter blessing should the singer forgive Herbert and take him back, Mrs. Braxton basically said he would need to agree to get some counseling first. As we previously reported, there were multiple things going wrong in the Herbert-Braxton household, not the least of which was Tamar Braxton losing the prized TV gig, “The Real,” without being given so much as a real explanation or time to get acclimated to life without the talk show.

Also, it’s been reported that Herbert has been sued nearly $4 million by a record company in a business deal that went bad. Very bad. 




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3 Responses to “Tamar Braxton’s mother has a message for Vincent Herbert”

  1. nosey rosy

    the other big issue is vince was executive producer on the real , non ot the other girls husband was , yet he could not save her job? i think he was a part of her getting canned , he had the option to say ,no dont fire here ,, and he was her manager too so he knew what she was doing was wrong for daytime tv. she had fans but everyone wasnt going for those child like justures mouth tooting , neck rolls , lip poopin , and smacking like a hoodrat , we got enough issues with child now days , we dont need someone on day time tv . showing them bad habits . and she did , ,she has lots of girls who follow here due to her , , hair colors, young cloth line , and make up hair doos etc. . she was suppose to be acting lady like , and serious . and she didnt give a dam .. i m glad they used her as an example , i think she trying to imitate cher or someone … and why cant she just be hereself , she has a descent voice . no disrespect to the moma ,,but lady stay in your place first of all calling tamar a child is pure ignorant , and the reason she acts like one .. and this is what you created , reason her career and marriage is failing .. most folks dont blame vince for , being tired of her .,, he must want her or he would bail . cause he got a chance to recover on his income but she may be a no hit wonder here son .. her mouth has near fu.cked her out of a career

    • natosha5

      @nosey rosy. You are correct on many of your comments. If Vince was abusive, he will have to pay for what he’s done. Abuse is NEVER ok. And Mama Braxton needs to stay out of other folks marriage. We love our children but let them handle it. Even if we do have an opinion, keep it within the 4 walls & not all over the media!!!

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