Killer Mike talks Atlanta mayoral race, Kasim Reed, and weed

Killer Mike talks Atlanta mayoral race, Kasim Reed, and weed

Atlanta rapper-activist Killer Mike has been very vocal about decriminalizing marijuana. Before Oct. 11, Atlanta, like the majority of U.S. cities, could penalize individuals up to a fine of $1K and six months in jail for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana. Thanks to an ordinance pushed by current Atlanta council member and mayoral candidate Kwanza Hall back in March, the consequence of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana carries a penalty of a $75 fine and no jail time.

Reducing the consequences for possession of marijuana should decrease the jail population and also keep future offenders with a clean record when applying for jobs. Killer Mike told rolling out the mayoral candidate he’s supporting going into the final hours before Election Day on Nov. 7 and shared his reaction to the new city policy on marijuana.

“Well, it’s a line that I’ve been pushing. It was a line that Vincent Fort, a guy who I’m supporting as mayor, has pushed,” Killer Mike said. “It’s a line that Kwanza, a friend and also someone I care for as a politician, has pushed. I’ve watched him on city council trying to get it through before, it couldn’t get through, now it went through. I applaud the city council for doing so. I’m glad that Atlanta is leading in progression and not behind the wave in progression. I hope Atlanta can lead the state to legalization. I hope that this state can create new commerce to better our education system. Make sure that people can have an income that can live by. So I’m hoping the legalization of marijuana is not far and I’m hoping that the industry helps the agricultural community, helps our job community, and helps our education community.”

The Run The Jewels MC also gave his thoughts on the city’s outgoing mayor, Kasim Reed, who was honored by the Atlanta Hawks on Nov.  3 during a game against the Houston Rockets.

“He’s been a heck of a mayor. Brought a lot of business to the city, kept a lot of in terms of corporations. As far as top Fortune 500 Companies, we’re No. 3, behind only two other cities. I think he’s been impressive. I look forward to seeing him getting saluted and congratulated as he should be,” Killer Mike said.

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