Woman arrested for performing oral sex on passenger during Delta flight

Woman arrested for performing oral sex on passenger during Delta flight
Interior of airplane with passengers on seats waiting to take off. (Photo Credit: Matej Kastelic)

Cougars can fly. A resident of California, 48, was arrested after she performed felatio on a male passenger, 28, on a Detroit-bound flight. The pair was sitting in Row 26, a three seated-row. The third passenger, who didn’t participate in the sex on a plane ruse was actually napping during the afternoon encounter. One passenger wrote in a witness statement, “I felt bad for the guy beside them, but I guess he was sleeping.”

The female passenger was reportedly “highly intoxicated” and was “continuously disruptive” with Wayne Metro Airport police as she “yelled and screamed” all the way to jail. Fellow passengers reported the pair when they witnessed her trying to hide under the blanket as she bobbed and weaved.

The Detroit Free Press reports the pair actually met on the October 29 flight.

When the Delta flight landed at Detroit Metro a pair of police officers approached the male passenger, who said that the female passenger “had fallen asleep in his lap but that they did not have intercourse.” His role in the sexual encounter was that he only “grabbed her breasts on the outside of her clothes.”

They were allowed to get their luggage and the female passenger tried to rebook her flight but was told by security she was “not permitted to fly Delta.”

They were not charged and their names are being withheld.

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