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Detroit celebrates ‘8 Mile’ 15th anniversary

Credit: Kristina Mitchell for Steed Media

Just 15 years ago, Marshall “Eminem” Mathers made his movie debut in the hit ​film 8 Mile on Nov. 8, ​2002. The movie was deemed a success​, earning​ over $51M in its opening week while​ introducing the world to the platform of Detroit’s hip-hop. During this pivotal point in Eminem’s career, no one was to ever forget the experience of watching a day in the life of a trailer park kid chasing his dreams in the cold, gritty, unforgiving streets of the D. The Academy Award-winning film has made its spot ​in the memorable history of Detroit’s timeline of hip-hop.

To commemorate the film’s 15th anniversary, the Bel-Air Luxury cinema ​hosted a public screening of 8 Mile. This is ​the same location where the movie premiered 15 years ago, located on E. 8 Mile ​in ​Detroit. The red carpet included some of​ ​the 8 Mile cast members such as Detroit rapper Miz Korona​, who shared the memorable battle rap with rapper Xzibit, Omar Miller, who played Sol George a close friend of Eminem​, Evan Jones who played ​Cheddar B​ob​,​ rapper T3 of Slum Village, and Eminem’s D12 bandmate/producer Denaun “Mr. Porter” Porter​. They all​ engaged with the crowd in attendance. Eminem did not attend​ due to preparation for MTV’s “Europe Music Awards.” Long time friends and fans were happy to reunite and meet with the cast members. For some millennial guests, this was their first time seeing 8 Mile.

Credit: Kristina Mitchell for Steed Media

Mz. Korona shared with rolling out that her infamous verse in the movie had to be written a few times before filming. “Oddly enough, they turned down like three different verses that I submitted before that and then they rolled with it! I felt like that one was the weakest link, but it made the cut and people loved it. I was really trying to take Xzibit’s head off with that one,” Mz. Korona said.

The proceeds from the screenings ​will​ benefit​ Eminem’s the Verses Project​,​ which is a music literacy program through Detroit’s Community Music School and Michigan State University.

Photo Gallery Credit: Kristina Mitchell for Steed Media

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