J. Crew is suffering from a severe backlash from urbanites over their decision to not style a Black model’s hair in one of their recent posts and, instead, left her curly hair unkempt.

Needless to say, some Black women angry with J. Crew. While many were outraged, others said that if Black women want people to embrace natural hair as beautiful, then they should embrace this photo ad as well.

Black women who used social media to air out their sentiments made it clear this is not what they had in mind when they advocate natural hair. This woman, as one female respondent said, looks like she just emerged from a street fight.

Here are just some of the many responses to the ad below:

After withstanding the blow-back with the force of a hurricane, J Crew finally had to pause and offer a mea culpa for a blatant faux pas:

Terry Shropshire

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