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Shanita Denton discusses her fashion line

Photo credit: S. Denton Collection

Atlanta is arguably a fashion capital when one thinks of all the entertainers and budding entrepreneurs who frequent the city. Shanita Denton took her dream and made it a reality. She is the owner and lead designer for the S. Denton Collection. Now living in Atlanta, she is juggling both hats as a wardrobe stylist and fashion designer. Her work ethic is impeccable and because of that, she is on her way to making her brand the next household name.

Where are you from and how did that influence your career?

I am just a girl from Newark, New Jersey, who decided not to take no for an answer. Where I am from, dreams oftentimes are deferred and that was not going to be my story. I wanted more for myself and my brand.

How long have you been styling and designing? 

I have been styling and designing for five years now. What started as me just sketching designs to give to my seamstress (who became my mentor) ended up turning into a business. My mentor literally told me one day that she wasn’t going to sew any more of my sketches and that she would begin to teach me how to sew — the rest is history!

What do you specialize in as it pertains to your design work?

S. Denton Collection specializes in all things beautiful. Bespoke gowns for any occasion or one-of-a-kind pieces for your wardrobe and everyday life.  My mission overall is to create timeless fashion that all women can experience and feel beautiful from the inside out in.

Who are some notable clients that you have worked with? 

I believe all my clients are special and notable. I treat everyone the same whether they are a celebrity or not. When you [wear] S. Denton Collection, everyone is a celebrity. I have worked with some industry favorites and I am forever grateful for all my experiences.

Photo credit: S. Denton Collection

What have been some obstacles that you have had to overcome as a female designer, stylist and businesswoman? 

Some obstacles that I have faced as a designer and as a businesswoman period is learning to stand my own ground. Learning not to devalue my worth.  Charging what I feel I weigh. Not letting this industry consume me and change me or where I feel I should be in my career thus far.

Who are your influences in the world of fashion? 

I have a few women who I absolutely adore and tip my hat off to as being dope. Marjorie Harvey is my fashion icon because she’s always so gracious and just commands the room, Monica [Brown ]is someone I’ve always loved since I was younger and I admire her evolution as a woman and In fashion. June Ambrose, of course, is such an icon. I draw inspiration from Diana Ross and Diahann Carroll. Just timeless women in timeless fashion taking a stance in the world without feeling the need for valid[ation] from others.

As a business owner, what advice can you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

The advice I would give to other female entrepreneurs trying to become girl bosses would be to walk in your purpose. Never give up and to never put your dreams into someone else’s hands to determine its outcome. Put your all into what you love and do it with compassion and faith. Pray constantly that God plants the seed to succeed in you but more importantly plant the seed to forever learn your craft as you continue on your journey. Work so hard to be the best version of yourself that others have no choice but to be inspired by you.

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