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Michele Lawrence teaches low-income women and youth economic stability

Michele Lawrence, MicheleSpeaks LLC.

Photo source: Premiere Brand

A respected leader and businesswoman, Michele Lawrence continues to empower and uplift those who have been shackled by life’s barriers. With over two decades of experience in financial literacy, Lawrence shares her wisdom, while educating others in low-income communities on the importance of economic stability and empowerment. A woman of many talents, from being a businesswoman to the host of her “MicheleSpeaks” radio show, Lawrence spreads positive and directional guidance to empower many other women to unlock their true potential. She not only seeks to reform the local communities in Philadelphia but she has also taken her platform worldwide with MicheleSpeaks LLC. Her platform continues to serve and benefit women and advance the youth by providing scholarships and mentorship programs.

Despite receiving countless awards and recognition for her hard work, Lawrence continues to keep her humble spirit and gracious character. Rolling out recently had the chance to chat with Lawrence about her work. Check out the interview below to see what she had to say.

What inspires you?  
I was inspired by both of my grandmothers: two vibrant women who did not advance beyond the sixth grade but had high regard for faith, family, and community. I watched as they took what little they had and graciously shared it with others. Their collective wisdom fostered my own core values of helping me to become my best self.

Beyond the scope of your work, what causes do you support or participate in?  
I’ve spent the last two decades serving on boards that are focused on the advancement of women. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on boards that empower women through self-sufficiency programs, leadership workshops, and workforce development. One board, in particular, is Achieve Ability whose mission is to put an end to the vicious cycle of poverty. This is done through comprehensive self-sufficiency and critical components such as formal education, home-ownership, financial literacy, and so much more. I’ve served on this board for six years, garnering tools, resources, and capital to fuel the execution of the core curriculum. I also helped to develop and implement new activities that would continue to propel these women to the next level. During my tenure, we assisted over 200 women with assistance in obtaining a secondary degree and over 100 to become homeowners.

How has being “fearless” factored into your success?
January 2017 marked a new journey for me, which charted a path of confidence and courage. A step out into the deep, some may say, I decided to take my background expertise in financial literacy, economic empowerment, and counseling to new heights. I launched MicheleSpeaks LLC, a newly formed business that uniquely tailors a plan designed to showcase a person’s gifts and promote their services. MicheleSpeaks LLC workshops, boot camps, conferences and empowerment seminars are created to allow individuals to seek their true calling or master their gift.

It has also fearlessly pushed me to take on a new venture as a radio show host for a weekly talk show entitled “MicheleSpeaks.” The “MicheleSpeaks Radio Show” tackles wealth, wisdom, wellness, and worth as it pertains to women and men from all walks of life.

How has effecting change and taking calculated risks contributed to your success?
Anytime you take a risk, it can be frightening, yet in essence, isn’t that life? In life, you’re often faced with obstacles and pushed to take risks along the way. Retiring from my then corporate job to invest in myself and empower other individuals was a huge risk. Yet, I’m maintaining and must say, happier than ever. Nothing is more rewarding than loving what you do and seeing how that unfolds to ultimately impact other individuals.

What is your favorite affirmation and how has it been a factor in your life?
“Unlock your gifts” and “walk in your calling” are two affirmations that have played a huge role in my life. MicheleSpeaks, LLC helps people self-assess, build strategic plans, and develop the necessary skills by utilizing such affirmations. For me, it has truly helped me to reach my potential, which continues to magnify. I am helping people with gifts that were given to me so that they reach their full potential.