Fetty Wap baby’s mama having 2nd child, says they have big plans

Photo source: Instagram – @FettyWap1738

If you want to congratulate Fetty Wap on having another child, you’ll have to do it twice. That’s becauase Fetty has two babies on the way, one with ex-girlfriend Alexis Skky and the other is rumored to be with a woman he already has a child with, Lezhae Leona. Leona is not confirming the rumors.

The mama of almost two says she and Fetty planned for their son. She also says they plan to move in together with their two kids. It could be interesting to see if the father of eight will be ready to settle down and move in with Lez. 

If you ask him, was his son with Lezhae planned? He’s gonna say yes. You ask him, were you and Lezhae having sex on ovulation days to get pregnant, yes. Was Lez and supposed to move in your house with you and [inaudible], yes”

#LezhaeZeona confirms that she and #FettyWap are expecting another baby together – a boy this time. She also revealed that the pregnancy was planned.?￰゚ムᄊ?¬リユ️|Inyaearhiphop.com| #Inyaearhiphop #AlexisSky


As for Lez, she captioned the above photo with her adorable daughter this way: :I’m happy now, I’m a mommy now I gotta be here I ain’t get to see my mommy round We ain’t never get to ball out kid I was young the game caught her before I did but Back to you daughter As for you daughter I do any and everything That’s the truth daughter For the dirtiest diaper till you old enough to dirty ya Nikes up I’m ya cleanup man If you ever need a hand Need a foot need a heart need a lung need a shoulder Reach for the phone call me up daughter ❤?￰゚マᄑ?.”

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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