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Amp Fiddler drops funk-driven project ‘Amp Dog Knights’

Photo credit: Amp Fiddler

Funk Legend Amp Fiddler is one of the pillars of Detroit Music. As a native of the legendary Conant Gardens, he got his start with George Clinton in the ’80s, then taught a young J Dilla the MPC in the ’90s. Amp has continuously been on the cutting edge of soul and funk and he’s proving that with Amp Dog Knights.

Amp Dog Knights is the follow-up EP to 2016’s Motor City Booty. Motor City Booty gave recognition to the disco music of the 1970’s which was popular amongst dance-halls and skating rinks in Detroit. With Amp Dog Knights, Fiddler incorporated warm keyboard tones, lush bass-lines, and classic drum-kits to into each track. Guest appearances include the late J Dilla, T3, from Slum Village, and Amp’s brother, the late Bubz Fiddler.

Check out Amp Dog Knights on Bandcamp.