Jennifer Hudson’s ex David Otunga gets primary custody for this reason

Jennifer Hudson's ex David Otunga gets primary custody for this reason

Custody and divorce courts are usually the places where the last vestiges of friendships and love go to die if they weren’t dead already. So many happy unions end acrimoniously once the legal hounds from the law firm of Cut, Throat & Associates start trying to pillage as much from the other side as possible.

For once, this was a custody hearing that ended on relatively peaceful terms without complete warfare and bloodletting on both sides. For now, that is. The judge in the case of Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga has awarded primary custody of 8-year-old David Jr. to the father, TMZ reports.

As we reported previously, the former WWE star and Jennifer Hudson, an Academy Award-winner for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls, are definitely headed for dissolution, with no chance of reconciliation as can be seen thus far, so the sides agreed that, even though she is a worthy mother, J-Hud’s travel and work schedule isn’t exactly conducive to creating a stable environment for her son.

Word is that both parties agreed to this new custody situation considering that she is in London filming “The Voice UK” and still has heavy commitments with “The Voice” back in Los Angeles.

David has been the primary parent in Jr.’s life because JHud is infinitely busier than he is on a regular basis. Hudson also dropped the order of protection against David so that he is allowed to have contact with her and Jr.

At the peak of their relationship, Hudson said that Otunga “saved” her life. The relationship blossomed not long after several members of her family were murdered in cold blood by her sister’s former boyfriend in their Chicago home while Hudson was away.

Hudson and Otunga were engaged for a decade and had one child together, born in 2009. Otunga, a Harvard University graduate, chose to become a pro wrestler and fitness expert. 

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