NFL’s Shannon Sharpe goes off on critic of his preference for White women

NFL's Shannon Sharpe goes off on critic of his preference for White women
Cynthia G. Photo: [email protected]_G1984

Prominent Twitter and YouTube user Cynthia G sparked a social media storm when she criticized NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe over his preference for White women. And she apparently got deep enough under his skin to cause severe irritation for the former Denver Broncos tight end.

Black Men accept LaVar Ball & Shannon Sharpe (who never dated black wmn) having white spouses & consider them pro black because, they spend part of their time talking about racism & part time sleeping with white women but, Halle Berry & Serena Williams are Sellouts & Bed Wenches,” she tweeted.

Sharpe was so angry with Cynthia G that the TV talk show host went out of his way to blast her. 

Not that it’s your or anyone else’s DAMN business who I date. I don’t date for approval and don’t need you or others to confirm who or what I am. Enjoy your day,” Sharpe fired back on Twitter. 

Cynthia G is a YouTube enthusiast who claims to promote “Black empowerment” through the content she delivers to her 8.3K subscribers. Some of her Twitter posts fire shots at the “swirlers” LaVar and Tina Ball, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, and Halle Berry’s parents.

Sharpe is just the latest of her targets to get fired upon, with one of her more recent tweets noting that he continues to date White women despite once being falsely accused of rape by a White woman.

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