Libyans say African slave trade not real because of Trump’s ‘fake news’ claims

Libyans say African slave trade not real because of Trump’s ‘fake news’ claims
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Africans are being forced into slavery and Libyan officials are using Donald Trump’s words to claim that it is not real. CNN initially reported on the slave trade in Libya where it is believed that 15,000 African migrants have are slaves. Images of men and women in cages were captured by CNN.

However, Libyan officials claim that the slave trade is not real by citing Trump. Trump has used his power to take aim at CNN and any other media outlet that reports his wrongdoings. His go-to phrase is “fake new.” By saying major news outlets are “fake news,” Trump seeks to discredit certain outlets by ignoring their First Amendment rights.

While following Trump, Libya 218 suggested that CNN should be investigated for putting out a report that was designed to “tarnish the image of Libya.” They also highlighted a claim by the Niger ambassador to Libya who said there was not any knowledge of Nigerians being sold as slaves.

The effects reveal how Trump’s false claims have impacted the world. Trump has used his platform to bully, misled, and lie about the media. It’s appalling that this nation’s leader continues to be reckless on social media. At this point, Twitter should delete Trump’s account until after he serves his term as president. He has proven that his words can cause damage to America and people around the world.

At press time, Trump has yet to share his thoughts on the African slave trade in Libya.

French president Emmanuel Macron will attend the European Union-African Union summit today and will discuss plans to help evacuate African migrants who are in Libyan detention camps.

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