Rell Jerv drops catchy single, ‘Cheated on Yourself’

Photo Credit: Instagram @relljerv

When we think of talent from the vein of rap, we normally think of the usual suspects from Los Angeles, New York as the incubators for lyricism. But, Wilmington, Delaware native Rell Jerv is putting this ancient notion to bed. The rapper has worked with New York artist Fred The Godson, producer Shut Down Beats, platinum producer DJ Pain 1 and more. He also released his EP, August 31, 1993, in October, and has now released his single “Cheated on Yourself.”

“Cheated on Yourself” is a song with multiple meanings. While many people would automatically assume that a woman is a cause for concern, the rapper explained his reasoning behind the process of the record.

“When we made ‘Cheated on Yourself,’ we had just got done distancing ourselves from a lot of people,” said Jerv. “I think that played a big part in how the record came out. At first listen, most would think the song is just about a female. But it is directed at everyone: fake supporters, people that doubt you and mainly the people that walk out of your life while you are in the middle of chasing a goal. So, the line, ‘You tied the rope you gotta hang now’ is really saying, ‘Hey, you made the decision to walk out of my life, live with that decision.’”

Check out “Cheated on Yourself” on Spotify.

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