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LaVar Ball announces new $500 LiAngelo Ball shoe after pulling son from college

Photo via @gelo | Instagram

Well, that didn’t take long. LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand is once again in the news after LaVar took his middle son LiAngelo out of UCLA earlier this week.

LiAngelo never played in a regular season game for the Bruins. Before the team’s season opener against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Shanghai, China, LiAngelo and two other freshmen, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested for shoplifting sunglasses.

“It was horrible,” LiAngelo said about jail on the “TODAY show. “They take your clothes. You wear whatever they have for you, a little jumpsuit. Take your shoe strings. Then you just sit in a cement cell for however long. It’s just you and all of the officers, and they don’t speak English.”

Since LiAngelo is no longer a student-athlete, LaVar told “TODAY that Big Baller Brand is preparing the release of his debut shoes, the “G3,” which are going to cost $500.

LiAngelo averaged 33.8 points a game his senior year at Chino Hills High School, but the 6-foot-5 guard wasn’t projected to get drafted this year. In a preseason game against Cal State LA, LiAngelo scored 11 points on 4-for-8 shooting in 16 minutes.

However, LaVar said that he’s going to continue to train LiAngelo and LaMelo at home this year at the family’s new mansion so that Lonzo Ball’s two younger brothers can also play professionally for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Ball brothers first hit the national scene in 2015 when all three siblings led Chino Hills to an undefeated season and a state championship. With the rise of his sons’ play on the floor, more reporters directed their attention at LaVar, curiously wondering how all three sons became prep stars. LaVar’s boisterous personality landed him more coverage and he represented his Big Baller Brand every single opportunity. Now, whether or not LiAngelo actually plays in the NBA, the family moved into a new home with a theater, a full basketball court, and three luxury cars for each of his sons. LaVar has set his family up before everyone’s eyes and that was his exact plan the entire time.