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Steve Harvey sued by fundraiser consultant for fraud  

Photo credit: Facebook – @SteveHarvey

Comedy and entertainment legend Steve Harvey has been hit with a lawsuit that alleges fraud. According to TMZ, Vincent Dimmock was hired by Harvey to raise funds for the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The foundation is well-known for its philanthropic works that includes summer camps, trips to Disneyworld and aid to many community organizations. It is alleged that Harvey promised to pay Dimmock 12.5 percent of all donations raised.

Dimmock was given access to the top players in the sports and entertainment world and soon began to produce results. However, the lawsuit alleges that after $1M was raised, Harvey failed to pay Dimmock the agreed upon sum. Dimmock believes he could have reached the $20M goal set and feels that Harvey had no intention of paying him. The lawsuit mentions a strange meeting in May 2017 with a potential investor and Harvey that Dimmock arranged. The lawsuit states that Harvey talked negatively about women, and stated that he received bad financial advice from Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. Harvey’s agent, Todd Frank, stated about the lawsuit allegations, “It sounds fake. Steve is the most loyal guy in the world. I’ve never been stiffed on a commission from Steve Harvey in 21 years.”

Harvey allegedly also complained that Barack Obama was responsible for a disastrous meeting he had with Trump in early 2017. It was during that January meeting with Trump that Harvey praised the President. Harvey stated he shared ideas with Trump and was going to assist with new initiatives with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The meeting was a public relations disaster for Harvey and he was widely mocked on social media and called a sellout. To date, there have been no new Trump initiatives for HUD that Harvey is involved in.