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Dr. Aisha Baron is changing plastic surgery

Source: Instagram @breastnbodydoc

In a field mostly dominated by men, plastic surgeon Dr. Aisha Baron is transforming the way plastic surgery is practiced. A Spelman alum, Dr. Baron leads her field with poise and a determination to make her patients not only feel beautiful but most importantly healthy. Though she specializes in breast augmentation and “mommy makeovers,” her passion lies in reconstructing the breasts of breast cancer survivors. As a cancer survivor herself, Dr. Baron effectively connects with her patients because of her firsthand knowledge of the toll the disease exacts on the female body.

Rolling out caught up with the Lifetime “Atlanta Plastic” star to talk all things surgery and what it takes to maintain a patient’s new look, post-surgery.

How did you end up in the medical field?

I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. I tell people I feel like I was brainwashed as a child. My mother is a nurse and my father is an engineer, so I was always exposed to the medical aspect. My dad would always have me working on cars with him on the weekends, so I always liked to work with my hands. Being a plastic surgeon kind of melded the two; the medical and hands-on craftsmanship that comes with being a surgeon.

What did you initially go to medical school for?

I went to Meharry Medical College School in Nashville, Tennessee, so I’m an HBCU grad twice over. I thought initially I wanted to be an OB/GYN but once I did my surgery rotation, I fell in love with the operating room. So I looked into different surgical specialties and I thought that plastic surgery spoke to me. It had a lot of variety in the field and most of the patients were generally healthy. Also, one of my preceptors [recommended] I look into plastic surgery so I did.

How long have you’ve been performing plastic surgery?

I’ve been doing plastic surgery here in Atlanta for about four and a half years now. After medical school, I went to Houston to Baylor College of Medicine and got accepted into the plastic surgery program, which is a six-year program straight out of medical school. I was the first Black female accepted into the program so it was a [major] milestone.

What is your specialty?

Well, people call me the “Breast N Body Doc” because I do a lot of breast augmentations and body contouring. Breast reductions, augmentations and contouring [are] what walks through my door the most.

Who are good candidates for surgery?

First, you have to pass the mental evaluations. On an initial consultation, I’ll talk to the patient and I’ll get a sense of their motivations for surgery. As long as the reasons for surgery are appropriate — doing it for themselves, doing it for the right reasons- then that’s one stage that they pass. Then I look into their medical history. If they have any medical issues or over a certain age, I make sure they have clearance from their primary care physician to make sure it’s safe enough for them to undergo surgery, which is a big deal. A lot of people don’t think of plastic surgery as real surgery, but it is. People have died because all the t’s weren’t crossed and i’s weren’t dotted. I definitely make sure I’m thorough with my patients and they know I care about their health.

What do you have to do after the surgery to maintain your physique?

I tell my patients in preparation for surgery, if they want to lose weight it’s always good to get at least 15 pounds within your goal weight or at least a healthy BMI just to make sure you can uphold the results after surgery. I tell them to make sure they’re on a good diet regimen and to exercise. It’s important to keep yourself toned and fit to upkeep those results because it’s truly an investment. For some people, it’s buying a new car or putting a down payment on a house, so it’s important to keep up the investment.

Do you work with a lot of breast cancer patients?

Yes, that’s a large part of my practice and it’s my passion. I really love working with the patients who need breast reconstruction because one of my operations I perform for that is my favorite. That is a DIEP flap operation where we take the belly tissue, preserve that with the blood supply, then transplant it up to the breast to recreate a breast. If a patient doesn’t want implants or isn’t a good candidate for implants but have the tissue, that’s a good sustainable option for them. It’s so fulfilling to bring a woman full circle after dealing with a nasty diagnosis of cancer that may have robbed them of their femininity, sexuality, or positive self-image. To be able to restore that in them is really rewarding.

Where do you practice and how can patients find you on social media?

I practice in the metro Atlanta area right off of Windy hill Road, behind the Suntrust Stadium in the Pavilion at Windy Hill. It’s 2550 Windy Hill Rd., Suite 312. I do a lot of my outpatient and cosmetic surgeries at Windy Hill Hospital, Northside Hospital Atlanta, and Piedmont Hospital. You can find me on Instagram or Twitter as BreastNBodyDoc. On my Facebook page you can find me at Breast, Body, Beauty or type in Dr. Aisha Baron. On Snapchat, it’s “Draishabaron.” You can also call the office at (678) 540-1144 or check out our website at