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Black women saved Alabama, White women supported accused pedophile Roy Moore

(Photo source: Twitter – @dougjones) Doug Jones pictured with U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell

Black women saved the day in Alabama. The highly publicized election for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama was specifically decided by one group, Black women.

While Roy Moore was accused of being a pedophile by several women, White women in Alabama ignored those claims. For the majority of White women in the state, it did not matter that Moore was in his 30s and dating girls in their early teens. The final poll results revealed that over 63 percent of White women voted for Moore. Only 34 percent of White women voted for Democrat Doug Jones.

On the other hand, Black women stood against Moore and his predatory antics. Over 98 percent of Black women voted for Jones. Black women stood for what’s right.

White women have disappointed in recent elections that could have changed the course of the nation. In 2016, White women also overwhelmingly showed support for Donald Trump. This was after Trump’s recorded remarks that described his predatory sexual behavior were made public. Trump also used racism and bigotry during his campaign. But White women ignored those facts to vote a sexist and racist man into the White House.

The same would have happened if it were not for Black women. At this point, it’s time for the Democratic Party to show more support for Black women and Black issues. Charles Barkley spoke following Jones election and said, “Jones’ win means Dems need to get off their a–es and help Black people.”

The entire nation should be thankful. America owes Black women.