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Entertainment » Nick Cannon reveals marriage plans

Nick Cannon reveals marriage plans


Nick Cannon isn’t “ready” to get married again.

The 37-year-old star, who was married to Mariah Carey for eight years, has no plans to walk down the aisle again any time soon and instead wants to focus on his children: twins Moroccan and Monroe, six, who he has with Mariah, and son Golden, nine months, who he shares with Brittany Bell.

He said, “I do have a theory, if I’m not good at something I ain’t going to keep messing it up. So relationships, my theory on it is I’d much rather look at bettering myself and having a friend, as opposed to trying to jump into something and be responsible for someone else’s happiness. I’m not ready yet. I still feel like I have a lot to go and my kids are my number one focus, so anything besides that I can’t really sign up for it right now.”

However, Cannon hasn’t ruled out having more kids, as he feels like it is his “purpose” in life to be “fruitful and multiple.”

Speaking on “The Talk,” he added, “I would love more kids, who doesn’t love more kids? I feel like that’s our purpose – to be fruitful and multiple. I would love it, but it’s not really a focus right now. I got these three I got to raise, but then after that hopefully it all works out.”

Cannon had previously admitted he still feels “broken” following his split from Carey.

Asked when he is going to let his heart fall in love again, he admitted back in July, “I can’t. I’m broken. I’m shattered. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m always dating. Why not? I’m a single man, I’m supposed to date.”