Warren Sapp tweets ‘Not Me Too,’ thought sex toy gifts were ‘cute’

Warren Sapp tweets 'Not Me Too,' thought sex toy gifts were 'cute'
Photo source: Instagram – @warrensapp

Warren Sapp isn’t helping his case much of proving innocence. The Football Hall of Fame defensive lineman was one of the seven former and current NFL Network employees accused of committing sexual harassment in a lawsuit earlier this week. After the initial reports, Sapp turned to Twitter to defend himself.

The post was perhaps a play on #MeToo hashtag that has gained momentum recently. Sapp also went on a radio show yesterday to deny the claims.

“I wake up the next morning and then people are hitting me talking about I was on ‘Good Morning America’ and I’m like, ”Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait- for sexual harassment?!’ Sapp said on the radio show. ” ‘Wait a minute. Who I sexually harassed?’ ”

In one particular incident, the accuser said Sapp urinated in front of her, Sapp said during one commercial break he ran into the bathroom where she was steaming outfits and he used the restroom after he heard the door close. That interaction was the only time the two were in such a situation, Sapp said.

“Let everybody else do their own bidding, I’m here because it’s ‘Not Me Too,’ ” Sapp said. “I ain’t sexually harass nobody. I ain’t sent nobody no text message, no nudies or nothing.”

He admitted that he did give the accuser sex toys for Christmas on the show and he defended those on Twitter after the interview as well.

Sapp blames the public criticism of his allegations on his past. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to slapping a prostitute in Phoenix. After his initial arrest in the case, NFL Network dropped Sapp. He also pled guilty to stomping and biting his longtime girlfriend in Las Vegas in 2015. He was sentenced to six months of domestic violence counseling and 48 hours of community service.

Donovan McNabb was the only other accused employee Sapp has spoken to since the report surfaced, but he doesn’t remember much from the conversation.

“You know, my CTE acts up sometimes,” Sapp said.

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