Tamar and Vince faking their divorce?

Tamar and Vince faking their divorce?
Photo: Instagram @TheVincentHerbert

Tamar Braxton and her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, have willingly chronicled their impending divorce on the popular weekly reality show “Tamar & Vince.”

The “My Man” singer has said publicly and repeatedly – onstage, on TV and in interviews – that she is secure in her decision to dissolve her nine-year marriage. But like bloodhounds, fans of the show have picked up on a pungent scent that seems foul. Fans got a jolt when recent photos appeared, BET.com reports, that have some believing that the two are back together and only feigning a “divorce” to inject interest in the show for ratings.

Braxton is currently on the Great Xscape Tour with fellow divas LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Kandi Burruss. After the concert, the former host ofThe Real” met with her fans. Two of them decided to post the pictures that they took with Braxton at recent shows, and they revealed something shocking.

Herbert appears to be standing behind Braxton during one of the photo sessions. In that picture, says CelebrityInsider.com, the music maker is reportedly smiling so hard his face is about to crack as his wife poses with a group of female fans.

There’s more, says CelebrityInsider.com. Another image shows Herbert hugging his spouse as they leave the stadium.

To be fair, just because they were seen “booed up” doesn’t mean they are back together necessarily. Braxton is still currently serving as an act on the Xscape tour and Herbert may just be fulfilling his managerial duties, despite the reports that he’d been fired by his wife.

Despite rumors of reconciliation, the latest episode of “Tamar & Vince” shows Braxton telling close friend and tour-mate Tiny Harris that she is ready to physically move out of the family home she shares with Herbert.

“I’m not moving out to be malicious,” Braxton told Harris in the clip. “I’m moving out to help our relationship.”

Not surprisingly, thoughts of fraudulence began gnawing at some fans’ brains. Is the divorce real or manufactured mess? Did Herbert really put his paws on Braxton? Did matriarch Evelyn Braxton make up the allegations about Herbert abusing her daughter? Did Herbert really have a harem of side chicks, and did Braxton forgive her cheating husband?

Fans are divided over the recently leaked photos showing the couple together.

One fan was indignant, celebrityinsider.com stated: “The acting was beyond fake and extremely terrible. I knew it was fake.”

Another fan expressed sympathy for their situation: “It is real, she forgave him, people must have never watched from the beginning Vince never wanted her to have a solo career period! If you remember she begged him to manage her and do an album.Vince felt from day one them working together wasn’t good nor her having a singing career. But he gave it a shot, and now her marriage is coming to an end. That was so expected. I’m sure he supports her and loves her, but it seems like he just wanted his wife and son as a family.Not her having this big music career. Because she has blown up!!!!.For her to have to choose her marriage or singing is crazy. Very similar to Tiny as T.I. suggest she doesn’t work and she just is a wife and mom. That’s all good, but when you have a passion, I’m not quitting for any man.”

Check out this clip of “Tamar & Vince” and gauge the authenticity of Braxton’s sentiments. 

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