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Cardi B slams fans who say she shouted out Offset too much on ‘Bartier Cardi’

Cardi B does not feel the need to get anyone’s permission to mention her fiancé, Offset, in all of her songs if she feels like it. And she is quick to snap on anyone who questions her about it. 

Last night, the eccentric emcee went on a Twitter tirade after a few fans wondered her why she name dropped her fiance Offset so many times on her new track, “Bartier Cardi.”

Just in case you haven’t heard the track yet, here are some of the bars of “Bartier Cardi”:

Cardi took your man, you upset, uh
Cardi got rich, they upset, yeah (From what?)
Cardi put the [email protected] on Offset (Say what?)
Cartier, Cardi B brain on Offset (21)
Cardi took your man, you upset, uh
Cardi got rich, they upset, yeah
Cardi put the [email protected] on Offset (Cardi)
Cartier, Cardi B brain on Offset (Cardi)”

Cardi B hit back on Instagram with the following answer: “Attention, please read this, it might answer your question.”

Then she drove her point home hard: “If I want to put my man on all my songs so fuuuuking what I love the Nikka,” she barked. “I’m his biggest fan like he put a half-million ring on my finger and that good vitamin D. I’m going to mention his name even, in my prayers and when I’m about to die the last word of out of my mouth is Offset.”

Cardi B made her love for Offset unequivocal on Instagram recently: “I love you so muccchhhh. People see the jewelry and the money, I see the hard work you put in and how caring you are for others. You take care of family, your kids, gang, and friends! You always challenge me to work harder and be better! True King raised by a Queen I love you You deserve the world and Me.”

The couple is planning a multi-million dollar wedding that will air on TV, Cardi told BBC as much: “I don’t think that will be fair to let Offset pay for all.I ain’t putting all that responsibility on my man. No, it’s a partnership. I feel like my wedding dress itself is going to be at least $50,000…it’s got to be extravagant.”