Are you a basic? Know the signs and check yourself

Are you a basic? Know the signs and check yourself
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Are you still sitting at home waiting for that text? Do you find yourself going on dates with different men just for the hell of it when you aren’t even feeling them? Are you gossiping and cat fighting trying to tear other women down for jokes? Are you still feeding yourself lies thinking you can be his bedmate without catching feelings? Are you sleeping with someone’s husband? If you answered yes to any of these, you are basic.

Your heart isn’t cold Sis, it’s empty. You create this facade but trust me, everyone knows it’s an act. You don’t have a base of dudes, you have a Tinder, POF, and Ok Cupid account full of men trying to sleep with you. Being “savage” is a hoodrat trait, which is cool if you’re trying to be a hoodrat. I’m talking to women who desire to be wives and seek wisdom to know the difference.

The reality is, we live in a world where a lot of fake feminine empowerment sadly setting women up to be basic. If you and your girls are sitting around indulging in mediocre conversation, talking about everyone else’s business and no-one has mentioned starting one, not only are you basic, your squad is basic, too. Most women like this are only friends with each other to make themselves feel bigger than what they really are. Were you to hang with women who aren’t basic, you’d feel the difference. They would shower you with positive conversation and motivation to be a better person without indulging in such foolishness.

Let’s face it, a vast majority of people are fake. The minute you pretend to walk that official lifestyle around someone who is really living it, it will shine a very bright light on your flaws. In other words, women with true power are humble. I humbly started a service movement called Anti-Basic. Being Anti-Basic is about loving you more and wanting more for yourself in life.

So here’s your official pull up. For 2018, focus on being a better you. Stop splurging on high-end items trying to keep up with your girl who is probably just as broke as you are. Instead, learn how to budget shop. Stop borrowing from your 401K to go on lavish trips knowing you can’t afford it, instead invest in some stocks or real estate or how about not touch the money at all until retirement. Stop seeking validation from a man, instead validate yourself by telling yourself you are worth it. Stop thirst trapping on social media with those “pick me” posts talking about all the submissive stuff you do for your man in hopes of likes or to get his attention. That’s a sign of insecurity. When people are insecure, everything in life becomes competition.

Being Anti-Basic is about confidence. True confidence isn’t about the length of your hair, or the fact you are natural, the size of your a**, the number of social media likes, or any of that. It’s how you make authentic moves while maintaining your integrity in the process. Are you happy with your life or are you putting on an act to impress others?

Are you basic or Anti-Basic?

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