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Erica Garner has not been declared brain dead, family says reports are false

Erica Garner (Photo Source: Twitter/Official Erica Garner @es_snipes) Eric Garner and Jewel Miller (Courtesy: Jewel Miller)

Erica Garner is not brain dead. On Dec. 28, New York Daily News reported that Garner, 27, was declared brain dead by doctors without a chance of recovery.

However, family members dispute the report. Hours after the report went viral, a person close to Garner tweeted from her account.

The person tweeted, “I know that the @NYDailyNews didn’t get their information from anyone that heard it straight from a doctor’s mouth because only one person was in the room when the results were read. That person was me. I called each family member. So they are reporting 3 person hearsay.”

The NY Daily News has yet to retract their story, but several close family members and friends have tweeted that Garner is still alive and fighting.

Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, became a voice against injustice following her father’s death by the hands of the NYPD. Officers who were involved were not convicted of his death.