KMOJ’s Chantel Sings captivating morning listeners with a smile

KMOJ's Chantel Sings captivating morning listeners with a smile
Chantel Sings – KMOJ-FM Minneapolis, on-air personality and production manager. Photo Credit: Tigner for Steed Media Group

Chantel Sings’ dimpled smile is radiant. Not fake or pretentious. It is so captivating, Twin-City listeners can’t help but to start their day in a positive way while tuning in to Minneapolis’ KMOJ.

KMOJ radio has been a beacon for North Minneapolis for over 40 years and for eight of those years Chantel has been part of the growth and diversity of the station. “I am really grateful to be a part of such a legendary organization that’s all about building the community and music,” states Sings.

During a recent visit to KMOJ radio, I caught up with the multi-talented Sings. Besides co-hosting “The Morning Show” with Freddie Bell, Sings is the station’s production manager. And if that’s not enough, she finds time to perform as a singer, song writer and producer. Sings grew up listening to KMOJ, and beams about how she got in the business as well as how KMOJ embraces diversity in a multicultural community.

How did you get into the radio business?
Everything that I have been able to do in my career has all come to me. When I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be in radio. That was always my dream. I’ve always had the desire in me and years later I was MC for a show in Minneapolis. Ray Richardson, whose been at KMOJ for 18 years, happened to hear me speak at an event I was hosting and told me he was looking for a co-host and asked if I had ever thought about being in radio. After five years of working with Ray, I moved on to work the morning show for three years.

What are five things aspiring radio personalities should do?
The first thing is to dream. I envisioned it in my mind. You need to see yourself there before it happens. Look inside yourself to make sure you know who you are and make sure it’s something you really want to do. To get to any level of success it takes a whole lot of work. Networking is everything. Also, be as productive as possible. Lastly, building relationships is key. Those contacts will come in handy.

How important is diversity?
I don’t really see color or ethnicity. I am a people person. I feel diversity is so important because we all have the same ambitions. It’s important for us to relate to each other and understand our differences. We are all human and can all work together. You can’t reach everyone if you stay in a box. Diversity is key.

How is KMOJ embracing diversity?
With being on the morning show, you have to interview really important members in the community. I am grateful that I joined the morning show because I have been able to speak with the mayor, the governor and a ton of politicians. We bring in people from all walks of life. I would have never rubbed elbows with any of these people had I not joined KMOJ. We are very serious about reaching people and making sure that everybody gets what they need. We focus on everything from schools to healthcare to public housing. KMOJ is a big part of Minnesota.

What’s next for Chantel?
I am a [cancer survivor]; 12 years ovarian cancer free. I am just the type of person that takes every day seriously. I don’t always know what my next move is, but I am just grateful to still be here and make plans. I perform [sing] a lot. There is always something happening with Chantel Sings.

Chantel Sings is on KMOJ radio every morning – Monday through Friday from 6am-10am.

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