Mary J. Blige opens up about her experience with sexual harassment

Photo credit: Splash News

Mary J. Blige went through “hell with sexual harassment” between the ages of five and 17.

The Mudbound star says she has had to “fight” against sexual misconduct since a young age but insists she never experienced it in the music industry.

She said, “I’ve had to fight since I was five years old … ever since [the ages of] five to 17 I’ve been going through hell with sexual harassment … By the time I got to the music business it was like, ‘Don’t touch me or I’ll kill you.'”

And Mary is supporting all the women and men affected by similar experiences and is “happy and proud” of those who have come forward.

Speaking after the Golden Globes, which took place earlier this week, she added: “I’m actually happy and proud of these women. They’ve been hanging on to these things forever, for God knows how long, and now they’re speaking up and being set free. It’s a beautiful thing for us to see, and for us to support, because we need each other in that way. And they’ve suffered.”

The 46-year-old singer and actress previously highlighted the importance of the campaign and wants to stand up for women all around the world.

She said: “There’s so many women that don’t get a chance to speak in other industries that are not the film industry, the music industry. It’s important for us to stand up for them so they can get a chance to speak. I am one of those women, so, you know, I don’t want to go into detail about that and I haven’t, but I am, and I stand with those women. I champion them.”

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