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Earlly Mac and Icewear Vezzo drop Detroit EP ‘337’

Photo Credit: Instagram @earllymac

Detroit rappers Earlly Mac and Icewear Vezzo are starting 2018 off by giving fans a fresh batch of contemporary music. Each artist is respectively from distinct parts of the Motor-City, (Icewear Vezzo- East and Earlly Mac- West), but they put their shared native roots to the test on 337.

337 is an extremely consumable amount of music, being that it’s only five tracks long. The uniqueness of the EP rests in the depth of each track, which makes you feel as if it’s a longer project. Both Earlly and Vezzo spared no expense in delivery and potency as their distinct flows interweaved out of each trunk-rattling, bass-driven track (masterfully created by K. Reed).

Check out 337 on Spotify.