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Racist White city workers in Oklahoma call Martin Luther King holiday ’N—r Day’

Several White racist city workers in Green County, Oklahoma shared their hateful views against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black community. The incident was recorded by city employee Mike Whittmer.

Whittier began recording his co-workers because he believed he was going to be fired. But during the morning of Jan. 8, he recorded racist remarks about the MLK Day holiday, according to Muskogee Now.

Water supervisor Joe Swimmer asked, “Do we get Martin Luther King Day off?” Racist Matt McLean reportedly responded by saying, “No n—r day for us.” Swimmer responded by saying, “We’re off for n—r day?” McLean said, “Yes.” Swimmer then said, “They call it that. I’m not celebrating n—r day.” McLean responded by referencing King’s killer, James Earl Ray. Swimmer then claimed, “I’m not racist, I’m just saying that’s what it’s called here.”

The town’s manager, Johnny Lewis, was allegedly shocked when the audio went public and said that those who commented will face disciplinary action.

But the incident sheds light on how America remains a nation where racism continues to be at the forefront. The blatant disrespect of Dr. King is appalling and the taxpayers of Muskogee County should not have to pay the salaries of racist city workers.