Purpose eliminates failure

Purpose eliminates failure
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Fear is a liar to those who have a purpose. Fear is the denial of all purposeful dreams. Fear is the liar that will tell you that your ego is right every single day so that you are constantly dismayed. Fear is an agenda that means easing God out of the ego and understanding that you would fear that there will be something bright. Fear never welcomes the truth, for truth reflects that the presence of God trumps all impossibilities. The presence of God creates all miracles. The presence of creativity trumps all that is blank. The mind must not be blank, nor the purpose.

Acquiring skills and having a formula for success is important. The purpose of being able to finish writing a book, the purpose of being able to finish writing a song, the purpose of being able to finish a business plan, the purpose of being able to create a family activity, the purpose to be able to finish college, moves you both forward and in advance of the plans of others who fear that anything that will move the process forward would remove us from being fearful of their kind.

There is a purpose in writing children’s books. There is a purpose in being able to publish the largest national chain of weekly newspapers for African Americans. There is a purpose in being able to understand that there is purpose in all that we do. There’s a purpose in being able to reach out and share your vision with others. The compensation may be minimal or the compensation might be of a magnitude unforeseen, but the purpose is the pay. The purpose is the payday each day. The purpose is the fuel that drives. The purpose is the many conversations with God that can never be replaced.

This past weekend, I was able to autograph books for children who were in a homeless shelter. I was able to provide both a boys coloring book and a girls coloring book: Atom Smart for boys, and Little Professor Skye for the girls. These books were gifted to those deserving young children thanks to a phenomenal sponsoring team from Toyota.

There’s a purpose in Toyota reaching out beyond the Detroit auto show, as there’s a community in need who is able to benefit from a program such as the Walk In My Boots program (a program that donated winter boots and socks to women and children in need) that kicked off auto show week for Toyota. There’s a purpose to someone who created a program for those who may not have or be able to see their own purpose. There’s a purpose in being able to know that an African American Toyota dealership owner was there at the program, sharing his message of hope. And there’s purpose within myself, being able to create children’s books with characters that are STEM-based and with cool ideas that are representative of the children who received the books. Yet, there’s a purpose beyond what I know, for the children will actually color inside and outside the lines, and hopefully, the purpose of me getting an education — me being able to create and give them purpose beyond my imagination — is fulfilling the purpose of a higher power, who has a higher order for my life. There’s a purpose for myself, a purpose for others, and a purpose for the gratitude to be able to experience each and every day living in my own purpose. I hope you’re able to live in your purpose and outline it, and see it, and experience it, to the benefit of others. Peace.

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