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Amber Rose getting this body part reduced; ‘I am really scared’

Caramel-coated cutie Amber Rose exploded on the scene several years ago on the arm of then-superstar rapper Kanye West and sporting a very voluptuous figure, including a set of bodacious breasts that seemed to be hanging on for dear life. Her almost obscenely curvy figure was as famous as her shaved light-bulb cranium. 

Well, it looks like those inflated balloon-sized appendages have taken a very painful toll over the years – and the stripper-turned-socialite has announced she is ridding herself of the same troublesome fun bags that got her fame and a small fortune.

Rose finally gathered up the gumption to make the announcement less than 24 hours shy of her going under the knife. And she added that, while her breasts may be fun to look at, they are not at all fun to carry around without the ability to take them off and put them up on the dresser every night.

Jan. 17 is the day Rose, the curvacious “Loveline” host, is set to get rid of the extra layers in her breasts that have not only caused her severe back pain, but have also threatened her health.

She also confessed that she’s scared but had been thinking about undergoing this procedure since last summer.

My boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts, and I cannot wear cute little shirts without a grandma bra,” she tweeted in July.

I am really scared of the lollipop scars though … any advice? Are there any ladies out there much happier even though you have breast reduction scars?” she pleaded.

The ex-wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa is referring to the visible cut scars that start at the bottom of the breast and end at the very edge of the areola. Rose has enlisted two doctors to reduce her 36H breasts: Dr. Matlock and Dr. Garth Fisher. Dr. Matlock has also been treating Amber’s cellulite on her righteously round rump.

As most know, and Rose pointed out, most females who undergo the procedure have nothing to worry about, as the scars usually fade over time.

As for her size after the reduction surgery, Rose’s cleavage will still be pretty ample. Another celebrity, Kim Fields of “Facts of Life” and “Living Single”  fame, underwent breast reduction surgery twice.