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Beauty and Hair » This week’s top 6 makeup artists to follow

This week’s top 6 makeup artists to follow

Photo credit: IG @jackieaina

Beauty is a billion-dollar industry. Each week, we are showcasing the top six makeup artists to follow in 2018. Check out this week’s elite. These ladies are powerful in their art. Follow them for the latest trends and beauty tips.

Photo credit: IG @sarah_beats_face

1). Sarah Stokes  – Chicago  – IG @sarah_beats_face

Stokes is widely known in Chicago for beautiful eye makeup. Her clients rave over her top-notch professionalism and quick service.

Photo credit: IG @jackieaina

2). Jackie Aina – LA – IG @jackieaina

Catch this beauty at all of the celebrity makeup reveals. With nearly 1M followers, she’s a major influence in the beauty industry.

Photo credit: IG @iamdodos

3). D’Artiste by Dodos – International Lagos – IG @iamdodos

Internationally known, Dodos is widely known as the go-to person for what’s hot in the makeup field.

Photo credit: IG @cakefacerj

4). RJ – UK – IG @cakefacerj

RJ is 19 and already making a name for herself as a force in the beauty industry.

Photo credit: IG @shantell.monique

5). Shantelly Lace – Pittsburgh – IG @shantell.monique

Newcomer Lace is known for her engaging YouTube tutorials and reviews of new makeup.

Photo credit: IG @wvrthy

6). Chelsie Worthy – IG @wvrthy

With a whopping 300K followers and counting, Worthy is proving she is just that with her edgy trends and beautiful techniques.

Who will be next week’s top six? Put your favorite MUA in the comment area below and I will check them out.

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