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Young Hollywood scared of death threats after insulting Amara La Negra

Photo source: [email protected]

Young Hollywood has gone Hollywood — and he has been dragged from here to eternity by an angry mob of social media users.

Just one segment of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” was all it took for the producer to be catapulted to the top of reality TV’s “Most Wanted List” after he slandered Amara La Negra, denigrating her look, her Afro, calling her his “Nutella Queen” and asking her to cut her prized hair. Just one show was all it took to transform a brash, arrogant self-promoter into a scared kid who resembles a character out of Scarface’s classic video “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me,” where he’s looking over his shoulders and peeping around corners out of fear of an ambush. 

Since that episode aired, Young Hollywood has been the object of a thunderous downpour of hate messages and even death threats.

This all prompted the Triscuit-complected Tyga to sort of apologize. But then he made it worse by insinuating that Amara just wanted to get with him and … then Twitter began chewing on him like old gum and spitting him out.