White supremacists were the most violent terrorists in America in 2017

White supremacists were the most violent terrorists in America in 2017
James Fields Jr. (Photo: Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail)

President Trump and his racist supporters are often creating a narrative that Islamic terrorism is a threat to Americans. However, a study has proven that White supremacists were more violent than any group in 2017.

The Anti-Defamation League released a report of extremist-related fatalities in 2017. In the report, it revealed that there were 34 murders related to extremist groups. It marked the dualist year for extremist-related murders in America since 1970. Out of the 34 murders, 18 were committed by White supremacists. There were nine murders committed by Islamic extremists in 2017.

The data sheds light on the propaganda often spewed by President Trump and his supporters. Trump has made it a mission to shut out immigrants who come from Islamic countries and African nations. But the ADL’s research proves that Trump’s mission is predicated on bigotry more so than safety of the country.

Trump even caught flack for his soft response against the White terrorists who killed in Charlottesville, Virginia during the summer of 2017. While attacking every person or group that he dislikes, he called the racists in Charlottesville, “very fine people.”

Trump has yet to admit that White terrorism is a problem in America. His willingness to support bigotry has created an atmosphere in America where White racists are empowered to commit hate crimes.

It’s important for citizens and political leaders across the nation to pressure the government to combat hate crimes and White American terrorists.

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