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Fashion » Top celebrity sneakerheads in hip-hop

Top celebrity sneakerheads in hip-hop

Photo source: Instagram – @djkhaled

The average person stores their shoes in a closet, but these top sneakerheads have collections that occupy multiple closets. Some fill whole rooms while others look like actual stores. Imagine owning 10 pairs each of your favorite sneakers, all in different colors. Yeah, that status is par for these ballers. Check out the faithful sneakerheads of hip-hop.

1. DJ Khaled

Photo source: Instagram – @djkhaled

DJ Khaled is a celebrity music producer popular for sporting the freshest pairs of sneakers. Reports say that Khaled has over 10,000 sneakers that fill 2-3 whole rooms. Each room resembles a miniature Foot Locker. Khaled admits one of his favorites of the collection is the Retro Jordan 4 (which he is wearing in the photo above).

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