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Toya Wright and Reginae quitting ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ for this reason

Reality show veteran and soon-to-be new mother Toya Wright sprung her claws and used her words like razor blades in defense of how her eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, is being portrayed on the reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop.” And she said she has had enough.

Wright, who just hosted a glam and celebrity-filled baby shower for yet-to-be born Reignbeaux, is furious with the producers of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Datari Turner Productions and Entertainment One Studios. She’s accusing them of making her baby look crazy during the editing process of the show, and shared her opinion on Twitter:

Wright has even engendered the sympathy of fellow reality star Kim Zolciak of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She set a blowtorch to the production team in a profanity-laced defense of Wright.

Zolciak told the producer that he is an “ignorant ***hole” and to “go f*** yourself. She just happens to be one of the most humble, kind and generous girls I’ve ever met.”

After knocking the producer off his pivot, Zolciak turned her attention to consoling Wright.

“This is disgusting. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this.”

What do you think about Toya Wright’s blistering words for the producers? Do you think Wright’s complaints have merit?