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Trump supporters can blame themselves for government shutdown

(Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin)

One year ago, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The scene in Washington, D.C. was chaotic and strange. Hundreds of protestors argued with police and Trump supporters. Police in riot gear formed lines as protestors objected the election. Rocks and bottles were thrown by some as police sprayed tear gas and flash bangs. Two cars were also set on fire. All of this occurred within hours of Trump officially becoming president.

Inside of the inauguration, Trump gave a speech that highlighted the bleak aspects of the nation. From day one, Trump revealed how he would govern the nation.

Over the past 365 days, Trump stands as the worst U.S. President in modern times. His overall approval rating of 36 percent, according to Pew Research Center, is so low that the closest president to have such a low rating after one year in office was Gerald Ford at 43 percent. Trump has caused much of the damage on his own.

He has used twitter to give nuclear threats; he has sided with racists in Charlottesville; he has called African nations and Haiti “sh-thole” countries; he has attempted to implement a Muslim ban; he removed America from the Paris Climate Agreement; his frequent golf trips has cost Americans $50 million; and his relationship with Russia is troubling and could have legal repercussions.

Trump’s presidency has been a disaster. And on the one-year anniversary of him becoming president, the government shutdown. Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers and blaming the government shutdown on each other. But the true blame should go to the idiotic Americans who decided to vote for Trump.

Over 62 million Americans actually believed that Trump would be an adequate president. There are millions who thought that a man who often had a history of shady business deals could run the government like a business. Millions believed that a reality TV star who bragged about assaulting women could be a proper choice. And millions ignored his racist antics and instability by voting for him to be the leader of this nation.

It’s appalling that so many Americans are that confused when it comes to selecting a candidate. But you get what you vote for. And after a year in office, Trump can smile knowing that he duped every dumb American who made a choice to vote for him.