Jordan Peele talks racism and ‘Get Out’ at Morehouse College

Jordan Peele talks racism and new movie Get Out at Morehouse College.


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  • britishrose
    February 26, 2017

    WHITES ARE SAYING . this movie is saying all white victimize blacks and they dont understand how racism compare to scary movies.. WELL if u dont call 2 white men beating 14 year old EMMIT TILL cuting him up … body dumped in swamp lake.. and torchuring him until he was a monster corp scary! and how bout the BOOGIE MAN MEXICAN WHITE!! RAISE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN . chasing a teen black boy holding skittle a horror? scene .for real then killing him like a predator or all the hung dead face less black men balls cut hanging naked from pine .trees while a hooded white kkk man and his lil kids .. smile while blood dripp to ground tongue hanging IF u CAN SEE THAT AS A FRIDAY THE 13 REMAKE? THEN U STUPID AS WHITE FOLK . whites are so indenial as a convenice yet to forget what history has done will be like denieing it happen . we will not forget WE HAVE TO LAUGH IN ORDER TO NOT CRY . we as blacks have to not let bloggs of white crazy poor trash whites men and women who , know their ancestor were in fear of the same thing whites are TODAY BLACK POWER …. OPRAH micheal jordon micheal jackson miangelo madam c j walkers are stark reminders of who we are …. and potentially will become A MARKET DOMINANCE AS MARKUS GARVEY almost achieved and demonstrated . all whites have is fear provoking antics and in the end mexicans have just as much or more to fear than blacks .. this land is ours 50% we have to own that heritage .
    white are bitter cause black dollar has dominated in recent years . .when we march on police brutality other investigation about police corrupt in furguson MO . LIKE HOW BLACKS WERE LOCKED UP ON PETTY CRIMES. .. AND LOST DRIVING PRIVELEDGES AND HOMES . white alway make it hard for blacks to rent in areas dominated by whites. and trump was a racist who denied blacks housing in his buildings .. we all know ….
    so now he target foriegners to take focus off those facts ….. YES I SEE A SCARY MOVIE WHEN I SEE WHITE RACIST BEHAVIOR THATS ALL OUR KIDS NEED TO UNDERSTAND

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