Jason Derulo collabs with Zumba Fitness, encourages women to get up and dance

Jason Derulo collabs with Zumba Fitness, encourages women to get up and dance
Jason Derulo dances Zumba (Photo provided by Natasha Fletes)

If you know anything about Jason Derulo, besides his high-profile romances, you know Derulo can dance. His high-energy music videos are known equally for their sex appeal and intricate dance moves. If you combine Derulo’s reported love of women and his obvious love of dance, it’s no surprise he was tapped to do a collaboration with Zumba Fitness. Derulo surprised fans at the Beat Box in LA with an impromptu appearance, where he danced with women enrolled in Zumba Fitness class and taught them Zumba-inspired choreography for his recent hit, “Tip Toe.”

“Tip Toe” is the first song Derulo has created choreography specifically for Zumba but he says over the years he’s enjoyed watching videos from various Zumba classes from across the country dancing to his music. “Throughout the years, I’ve seen really cool Zumba classes, and it’s always amazing to go online and see the different Zumba videos fans have posted of my songs. People always talk about [how] up-tempo songs really get them pumped to work out, [and] take over the brain so they don’t think about the workout, only the dancing,” he says.

Derulo was excited to be able to collaborate on a project that will hopefully help motivate women to exercise. “What I love most about Zumba is that they make exercising fun and have made it accessible to everyone, and all over the world — and it’s a movement. I see the reach they have and it’s because they get great global rhythms and pair it with simple choreography to give you a total-body workout that feels more like a party than exercise. I love that because you don’t typically associate dancing with working out, and that’s the beauty of it,” Derulo says.

Understanding that exercising doesn’t come easy to everyone, Derulo hopes this collaboration may inspire some women who haven’t tried the Zumba workout to try it, because of the appeal of the music. “Music is a huge part of it too. When that up-tempo song comes on, it really gets me pumped to work out; it’s like it takes over my brain so that I’m not thinking about the workout, just the dancing,” Derulo explains.

“What we’ve created for ‘Tip Toe’ will make you want to leave everything on the dance floor. I can’t wait to participate in a class and see others taking part and posting videos — I am always amazed by what people post of my songs, and I can’t wait to see what they do to the ‘Tip Toe’ official Zumba choreography,” Derulo says.

If doing Zumba will produce a body like Derulo’s, we predict classes will be filling up soon.

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