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Exclusive: Mo’Nique’s emails reveal her real issue with Hollywood

Sun 10/2/2016, 11:46 PM
PackerWill (NON NBCUniversal) <Will@[REDACTED]>;

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Hello Will,
When Mo’Nique said to you yesterday on the shoot “As opposed to staring and trying to intimidate me Mr. Packer my husband is waiting on your call”. Your reply was as Mo’Nique states it (with attitude) ” I’ll give him a call to tell him‎ why I hadn’t called him before now” (like you were going to straighten me out). For you to then call Ricky and ask was it urgent that you call me is interesting/disingenuous , due to the fact that you hadn’t responded for months, and I just copied you in an email two weeks ago to Alex Metzer at Universal regarding you calling me, but you never reached out despite my invitation for you to do so.
Now I need you to remember when you told Ricky you knew you messed up with Mo’Nique and I, and you wanted to make it right‎, correct? Well what was your mess up and how did you make it right? In addition, as a “Business Professional” why did you duck out and not show up for the phone conferences, and or respond to emails when the attorney’s got involved regarding what you falsely promised to Mo’Nique, and this is not heresay, because you were speaking with her and I at the same time my man? Ironically, the emails we’ve exchanged outside of the attorneys, in conjunction with your responses are reminiscent of the brush off you’ve been quoted as saying about Bernard Bronners position regarding you cheating him, and you labeling his allegations as being “Frivolous, misguided and petty”, and for some reason everyone is going to lie on you, huh?
You can’t keep beating people sir and think the world won’t find out, and that people are going to continue to keep your dishonesty a secret, especially when you’re the Head Nigga In Charge as you so eloquently put it. ‎We got behind you when we didn’t know who you were but knew you were a young and enterprising brother pushing your movie called “Takers” on the Mo’Nique Show and as luck would have it, that’s what it appears you are, a Taker, and with no apology. You’re way to smart to blow your career being a con, and  I waited until the end of the day today just to see if your call to Ricky was genuine or not yesterday regarding calling me, but not hearing from you today says it all.
If you ever want to make things right we’re open to the call but in the meantime no need to “Mean Mug” Mo’Nique because she’s gone above and beyond the 200 k and what you told her she would have to do, and just think we had to fight for her to get transportation to and from the set after 20 hour days, but the cast says their favorite scene was every scene Mo’Nique was in. However, this is the person you want to short change? ‎ Word to the wise my man,  don’t let your “Assistant” assist you in making your life hard because she’s the type of person that brightens up a room simply by leaving it, anytiime she walks in on our assistant who is old enough to be her mother, and who was minding her business in Mo’Niques trailer, and then Shayla comes in questioning her about what she’s doing, somebody would ask what’s really going on?
We still love you Will, but you may want to consider manning up because no sustainable good can happen for you the way you’re treating your Brothers and Sisters in the industry. Think about it.
‎All the best,
Sidney Hicks
Hicks Media Inc.
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