Omarosa getting big money for 2 high-profile TV gigs

Photo Credit: Twitter – @omarosa

Exiled former political operative Omarosa Manigault Newman was not unemployed for very long. In fact, urbanites will be able to see her on a TV station — or two — in the very near future.

She has managed to secure two very profitable gigs, one for her own show and the other on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Moreover, the media has learned that Omarosa, who first came to fame (or rather infamy) via Trump’s “The Apprentice,” has scored a salary of no less than $1M.

The former White House staffer has joined the popular show on CBS and the deal also came with the opportunity to shoot her very own talk show pilot.

Omarosa was fired from her job as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison at the end of 2017.

Her exit from the White House supposedly came after she had a huge confrontation with General Kelly, Donald Trump’s chief of staff, and she was reportedly kicked off the White House grounds by the Secret Service. Omarosa maintains that she resigned of her own accord and told “Good Morning America” that reports of her having a high-decibel shouting match with General Kelly are inaccurate. She also doubles down on her stance that she was not escorted off the White House campus.

The reality TV gig is set to begin in February, so it is assumed that everything that happened at the White House has already been flushed out of her system.

On the “Celebrity Big Brother,” Omarosa will be starring with other celebrities, including Mark McGrath, Shannon Elizabeth, Metta World Peace, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Ross Mathews.

CBS star Julie Chen was asked about the controversial lightning rod that is Omarosa joining the popular reality TV show, and she only had praise for Omarosa.

“It is a good thing the word ‘brother’ is between ‘big’ and ‘house,’ so it is not from the White House to the Big House. We know Omarosa likes microphones. She likes cameras. She really has something to say. I do think she is going to speak her truth in the House,’ Chen told Page Six TV.

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