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ATLOrgy creator Cidney Green is back and so is the party (part I) 

Cidney Green, creator and hostess of the ATLOrgy is back in 2018 (Image Credit: Used with permission of Cidney Green)

A year ago, Cidney “Total Liberation” Green became a social media sensation when she decided to have a birthday party centered around a “swinging” lifestyle. That party later became known as the Atlanta Orgy and spawned #ATLOrgy in social media. It was a success and suddenly Green found herself with thousands of new followers, intense media exposure and people clamoring for more parties.

Now it’s a year later and Green is getting ready for another birthday and another #ATLOrgy party.

Rolling out caught up with her and asked a few questions:

What has life been like for you since your party last year?
Life has been great; 2017 was a huge growth period for me. Growth sometimes is painful but it’s a process I respect. Since the original #ATLOrgy, I have only gotten more famous. I did a legendary video called P—y Over Pain in April 2017. Where I stood ass naked (furry p—y and all) on my porch and called society out on its shit when it comes to how murder and pain is more acceptable than sex and pleasure. It got well over 10M views. The orgy got me famous amongst the urban USA. But P—y Over Pain got me love from Australia, France, the UK, plus so much more. There are articles written on me in languages I don’t understand. Even PornHub did a piece on me. That was exciting as f–k because I love porn and its stars.

One of my proudest moments was being booked to speak on a panel at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan in July 2017. That was an honor. I will have my statue built in my honor there before I die. I am recognized everywhere I go now and it’s a great feeling. I love everyone who loves me. I also have a brand new manager, Alease Garrett, who is the mother of Instagram sensation Lalovetheboss. We have so many things lined up; 2018 is the year I will become a millionaire.

Since you spoke to me last, I have completed my first novel. It’s about when I had three boyfriends at once. It was a blog I started back in 2014 called Total Liberation. It was pretty popular. Now, I have gone back and added so much detail. It’s very sexual yet incredibly vulnerable. It’s based on true events. I have no doubt this book will outsell the Bible. It’ll be out in spring 2018. Lastly, I have a reality show where I allow people into my day-to-day life live. It’s the only way to truly know me. I bare it all. Plus, you get to watch me plan the next #ATLOrgy on March 16-18.

Some of the memes that came out about you and the last #ATLorgy were pretty brutal. What did you think about that?
The memes were funny. They did not really bother me in themselves but idiots trying to tarnish my brand was annoying. It’s baffling how dumb people are. Luckily, I have friends who are legends in the entertainment business who love me. They told me that it happens to all famous folk.

What I regret most is not doing way more interviews shutting down the rumors after the event. I was following advice that was out of line with my true nature. When it comes to sh-t like that, I’m more of a 50 Cent kinda bi–h. I’m not the silent “let it blow over” type. I’ll challenge you, show proof and shut you the f–k up. I’ll even call your mama a bald-headed crack hoe in the process. I did a little of that but not enough. That’s why this time around I have a section on my site dedicated to disproving each rumor. And yeah, I do have some choice words for the bad built b-tch-s that spread rumors about an event that they can’t even afford to attend.

While I am very much into the law of attraction and do not give a lot of energy to negative sh-t, there is some sh-t that must be addressed head-on. I’m spiritual and all but not a robot. With all that being said, I know that people will always have some sh-t to say. Even if I had a video of the entire event, retards would still say it didn’t happen or I wasn’t there, etc. So at the end of the day, I focus on my increasing ticket sales and the love and say f–k the rest.

-End Part 1-

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