Mo’Nique goes on infamous ‘Queens Court’ and things quickly go south

Mo'Nique goes on infamous 'Queens Court' and things quickly go south
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We are not exactly sure what Academy Award-winning actress-comedienne Mo’Nique expected to get out of her appearance on rapper Khia and Madison’s “Queens Court,” an online TV talk show. But things degenerated real bad, real fast before the show could even get started.

If you don’t know, Khia is famous for her one and only hit, the profane yet catchy “My Neck, My Back,” song that discussed oral sex in a very in-your-face, unapologetic way that caused many to recoil with embarrassment and mortification. Khia is now the co-host of her talk show that she used recently as a bully pulpit to thrash fellow female emcees and celebrities, most notably Toya Wright, whom Khia pilloried for having another baby out of wedlock.

When “Queens Court” was set to go live featuring guest Mo’Nique, things turned into a slapstick cartoon comedy show with Khia’s talk show partner Madison quickly dissolving into tears and Khia unleashing a stream of profanities before bolting the set as the feed goes haywire.

Listen to the fracas unravel after the break and check out some of the commentary of the interview that never was.

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